Book Review: The Anatomy of Silence

Oftentimes silence is seen as something comforting, a momentary respite from the clamoring of an increasingly chaotic world. Yet, silence isn't always golden. For victims of sexual violence and harassment, silence has been an oppressor. However, that's all starting to change. With the rise of movements like #metoo, more and more voices are starting to... Continue Reading →

5 Insta Dogs That Will Brighten Your Feed

Whether you're an Instagram fan or not, most of us can agree that cute dog photos always a good reason to smile. The Instagram dog community is growing and we happily follow our fair share of doggos. There's just something comforting about seeing a happy pup, especially on days that could've turned out better. If... Continue Reading →

Hear This: Travelling Songs

Happy Saturday, readers! We hope you survived the week and that you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you (be sure to slip some fun in, too). Barbara and I set off on a train down to London on Thursday and are enjoying spending time with our friend Izzie. Spending a weekend with some of... Continue Reading →

It All Starts Here

Hello and welcome to Life, Annotated! We are so excited about launching this blog and we’re looking forward to growing it into something spectacular. You’ve probably already read a little about us on our “About” page, but we wanted to add some depth to that in our first post. After several years of occasionally updating... Continue Reading →

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