It All Starts Here

Hello and welcome to Life, Annotated! We are so excited about launching this blog and we’re looking forward to growing it into something spectacular. You’ve probably already read a little about us on our “About” page, but we wanted to add some depth to that in our first post.

After several years of occasionally updating a very fruitless blog, I (Hannah) decided I wanted to start something new from scratch. However, I didn’t want to jump into this venture alone this time around. Between my life as a Ph.D. student and other priorities, blogging solo would’ve spread me even thinner. That’s where Barbara comes in. Being the wonderful friend that she is, she agreed to go into this with me, and here we are.

Now, you might be asking yourself what we’re all about. On the surface, we may look like your average lifestyle blog, or something close to it. That’s somewhat true. We will be discussing the little nuances of life and how to make your way through them, but we’ll also be talking books, music, self-care, fitness, and a list of other topics that mesh with those. Instead of a specific niche, think of us as a place to find annotations, or notes, on life and recommendations on how to make being a human a bit easier. Whether it’s a list of our favorite books or mindfulness techniques, we hope everyone visiting our blog can find something useful.

We know the growth process through this will take some work, but at least the seed has been planted. You can expect fresh content from us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Here’s to the endless possibilities that are coming our way!

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