Hear This: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

I want to take this moment to talk about the beautiful soul that is Jonathan Van Ness. Many of you may know him as one of the "Fab Five" from Netflix's Queer Eye, but his talents don't stop there. Jonathan is a talented stylist, podcaster, actor, producer, and all-around sweetheart. I'd be lying if I... Continue Reading →

Hear This: Festival Hits

I feel like my social media has been taken over by people at Coachella this weekend so for our latest installment of Hear This I've chosen five favourite songs from artists appearing at Coachella 2019. 1) High Horse - Kacey Musgraves https://youtu.be/fbNDJRwXKGc 2) Alaska - Maggie Rogers https://youtu.be/PNWsW6c6t8g 3) Power Over Me - Dermot Kennedy... Continue Reading →

Hear This: Soulful Proclamations

What I love most about soul music is how versatile it is. It can get people up on their feet, it can make powerful statements, it can tell a love story, and everything in-between. I think this is because its roots run deep with the influences of gospel and rhythm and blues. That, and there... Continue Reading →

Hear This: A Bright Eyes Appreciation

This week we are throwing it back to 2006 when I first discovered Bright Eyes and became almost immediately obsessed. I LOVE everything about Bright Eyes, and I am no longer ashamed to say it out loud. Friends have good-naturedly teased me in the past for liking "that indie band with the bad singer" and... Continue Reading →

Hear This: Travelling Songs

Happy Saturday, readers! We hope you survived the week and that you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you (be sure to slip some fun in, too). Barbara and I set off on a train down to London on Thursday and are enjoying spending time with our friend Izzie. Spending a weekend with some of... Continue Reading →

Hear This: Barbara’s Weekly Mix

Welcome to Hear This, our weekly recommendation of some of the best music, podcasts and audiobooks we've been enjoying lately. Today I have five ear-worms that have been playing on repeat inside my head for days. First up is The Trailing Skirts of God by Bell X1 - my favourite Irish band. I saw them... Continue Reading →

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