5 Insta Dogs That Will Brighten Your Feed

Whether you’re an Instagram fan or not, most of us can agree that cute dog photos always a good reason to smile. The Instagram dog community is growing and we happily follow our fair share of doggos. There’s just something comforting about seeing a happy pup, especially on days that could’ve turned out better. If you’re needing a break from the usual Instagram monotony, then we’ve got some adorable suggestions for you.

1) Ralph and George

Brothers Ralph and George share adventures and two little humans in North Carolina. Follow these sweet loafs for guaranteed smiles.


2) Midge

Midge is a senior rescue pup who was recently named the Senior Winner in the American Rescue Dog Show. What a gal!


3) Dean the Basset

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brick walls can’t stop me, i’m buddies with the kool-aid guy!

A post shared by Dean (@deanthebasset) on

Dean is a four-year-old Basset Hound from Toronto. Just as charming as he is cool, he’ll be sure to steal your heart with just one look.


4) Malamute Called Utah

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Don't worry guys, I'm still here chilling 😎

A post shared by Utah + Iowa (@malamutecalledutah) on

This Australian fluff is one handsome guy! When he’s not relaxing on the beach, you can find him watching over or playing dress up with his little humans.


5) Maya the Samoyed 

Just as gorgeous as she is fluffy, Maya is the lady of your dreams!

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